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Seapony: Go With Me [Album Review]


Seapony is fronted by Jen Weidl on vocals with songs written by guitarist Danny Rowland and rhythm split between bassist Ian Brewer and an Alesis HR-16 vintage synth for the drum beat. Together, they have created Go With Me, featuring highly lovable songs, most under three minutes.

Backed by a fuzzed-out guitar and a jangly high-pitched bass, Seapony’s debut LP is stark in its simplicity, wonderful in its lo-fi heritage, and as moody as you’d expect from a modern indie pop trio.

Unlike many fuzzed-out pop bands, Seapony’s music is subtle and has a clarity to it that counters the very nature of fuzz. This makes it unique, and it can be attributed to the jangle-centric bass being at the forefront of the instrumentation while the distorted guitar takes a back seat. Jen’s vocals complement this sound. Playful and dreamy, they too feature a little fuzz.

Like their music, the result, too, is simple: Seapony has done a mighty fine job creating Go With Me.

Go With Me is released May 31 courtesy Hardly Art Records.

Download: “Dreaming” by Seapony

Download: “Blue Star” by Seapony
[audio:110524-seapony-blue-star.mp3|titles=Blue Star|artists=Seapony]


Hardly Art [CD, 2011]

1. Dreaming
2. I Never Would
3. Blue Star
4. Into The Sea
5. I Really Do
6. Go Away
7. Always
8. So Low
9. What You See
10. Nobody Knows
11. Where We Go
12. With You

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