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Eastern Phoebes: Wampum [Album Review]


Eastern Phoebes is a duo from Long Island that creates light playful pop music similar to that made by Page France. They are, as they put it, two lovers – Ry Smith and Meg Bayley. The band describes their music as twee-pop, and after a few listens to their new 10-song release, Wampum, it becomes apparent that the description is quite accurate.

Furthermore, Wampum was written and recorded in its entirety during the month of February 2011 and released March 1.

Despite the rapid nature of its arrival, Wampum is an impressive debut LP. “John Boyle Island (Wampum)” opens on a strong note with catchy vocals and delightful multi-instrumentation from Smith. “Tadpoles (Shelter Island)” again emphasizes the band’s playful nature and penchant for writing twee love songs. Throughout the album, Bayley contributes backup vocals and hand-claps.

“Noble Creature” and “Lately It’s Occurred To Me” differ slightly with a bit moodier piano parts, but they are no less catchy or infectious. Eastern Phoebes have pieced together a release to rival the lighter moments of Beulah, the catchier pop side of Michael Nau, and the early days of Elephant 6. Start your day with Wampum and all will be well.

Download: “John Boyle Island (Wampum)” by Eastern Phoebes
[audio:110429-eastern-phoebes-john-boyle-island.mp3|titles=John Boyle Island (Wampum)|artists=Eastern Phoebes]

Download: “Lately It’s Occurred To Me” by Eastern Phoebes
[audio:110429-eastern-phoebes-lately-its-occurred-to-me.mp3|titles=Lately It’s Occurred To Me|artists=Eastern Phoebes]

Download: “Noble Creature” by Eastern Phoebes
[audio:110429-eastern-phoebes-noble-creature.mp3|titles=Noble Creature|artists=Eastern Phoebes]


[Digital LP]

1. John Boyle Island (Wampum)
2. Country Club
3. Tadpoles (Shelter Island)
4. Noble Creature
5. Queen Of Root Beer
6. Lately It’s Occurred To Me
7. Plum Island Protest Song (F.T.D.)
8. KD
9. Worthless People
10. The Clammer

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