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Fredrik: Flora [Video]


36.1 minutes. That is the length of the new Fredrik album, Flora. Not bad, especially since the band has put together a video that spans that amount of time and covers the album in its entirety. Brilliant, I say! Flora continues what Fredrik has created on their past two releases – eerie experimental pop music that is other-worldly.

At some point I may have called it haunting, and if I did I must recant. It’s not necessarily haunting music, but it does have a darkness that permeates it, but again not in an unpleasant way. Fredrik’s music has the obscurity of a dream land, a place not quite real but with recognizable landmarks. There’s a consistency to it that is familiar and a strangeness that is foreign.

Imagine diving into your subconscious. It would be familiar, but it wouldn’t be grounded in reality. The laws of physics and time would not apply. Fredrik’s music is of that world, where things change at an awkward pace and the inconsistencies with reality are all but awe-worthy. But it’s not shocking or terrifying or scary. In a way, it’s relaxing and comforting.

There was a really good reason Fredrik’s debut LP, Na Na Ni, was my #1 album of 2008. And while Trilogi was nearly as powerful as that first record, Flora has topped it.

Flora, like the band’s previous two LPs, comes to us via The Kora Records.

Download: “Rites Of Spring” by Fredrik
[audio:110418-fredrik-rites-of-spring.mp3|titles=Rites Of Spring|artists=Fredrik]

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