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Chad VanGaalen: Sara [mp3]


I really fell in love with the weirdness behind Chad VanGaalen‘s last album, Soft Airplane. Many songs had strange electronic bleeps and bloops that just stuck with you, and if they didn’t they featured VanGaalen’s vocals with his rapid vibrato. “Sara” is not like that. Not entirely, at least. Sure, it may have VanGaalen’s signature layered vocals, which certainly are unique, but the instrumentation is fairly minimal with pretty much just a guitar. “Sara” is an exceptional song, enticing both lyrically and musically. You’ll find yourself singing Sara, wake me up when you’re home as Chad does. It makes the anticipation for his new record near unbearable.

Diaper Island comes out May 17 on Sub Pop Records. Tide yourself over with a download of “Sara” below.

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