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Wolf Ram Heart [Feature]


The name Wolf Ram Heart sounds like it would be dark, and indeed this band creates psychedelic pop shrouded in darkness. These are not playful pop songs. Instead, their new album, Betrayal of Hearts, is filled with dreamy melodies, spacious instrumentation and the soft, mysterious vocals of David James. At times, James’ vocals hint of a less flamboyant, more perplexing Moto Boy (occasionally), but charismatic vocals are as far as the comparison goes.

Despite such a vocal presence, that’s not what makes Wolf Ram Heart so intriguing. It’s the use of layered vintage keyboards that dominate virtually every aspect of this band’s sound. They enhance its pop sensibilities while simultaneously undermining them, and they add the elements of psychedelia that define Wolf Ram Heart’s music. Two examples of this can be heard below, “Viewgirls” and “Humming Doves”. Both are evocative in their use of keyboards, not necessarily haunting but a bit stirring nonetheless.

Betrayal of Hearts will be released on April 5 via Sovereign States. The album was recorded on the band’s eight-acre farm that is, as the press release stated, set amidst dark densely wooded hollows and the clunking buggies of the Amish.

Download: “Humming Doves” by Wolf Ram Heart
[audio:110402-wolf-ram-heart-humming-doves.mp3|titles=Humming Doves|artists=Wolf Ram Heart]

Download: “Viewgirls” by Wolf Ram Heart
[audio:110402-wolf-ram-heart-viewgirls.mp3|titles=Viewgirls|artists=Wolf Ram Heart]

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