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Crow Vs Lion: Rest Your Bones [Album Review]

crow vs lion
Crow vs Lion

Crow Vs Lion is one of the latest folk acts to rise from Pennsylvania. Rest Your Bones compiles thirteen tracks of raw folk, fronted by Dan Gallagher and featuring Joshua Britton (Psalmships, Sweetheart Parade). In fact, Crow Vs Lion is quite reminiscent of Britton’s music, but within these songs are a variety of instruments, occasional harmony vocals, and traits common with antifolk.

Rest Your Bones, then, is an exciting release, filled with intrigue.

Perhaps one of the most endearing songs on the album is “All A Ghost”, injected with an emotive guitar, heartfelt lead and backing vocals, and crescendos and decrescendos:

True to the antifolk name, Rest Your Bones joins together traditional folk with experimentation; one moment a stripped down, gritty guitar strum and deep vocals dominate only to be followed immediately with a drowning organ, a haunting melodica, or an unusual but clever vocal harmony.

Check out “Sea Sick (Part 1)”:

The album flirts with several sounds, from the stripped-down, unprocessed and grit-filled lo-fi folk to a calming, pleasant folk. It switches between the two, and even combines them, in the most uncanny of ways. The blend of the two can be heard on album opener “It’s Only Your Heart”:

Rest Your Bones is a masterful album packed with instrumental talent, songwriting prowess and the ability to mesmerize in a way not often found in folk music. Crow Vs Lion has created a true work of art.

You can find Rest Your Bones on bandcamp.

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