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FensePost Podcast: Psychedelic Ambiance Part 1


Of late, I’ve been listening to a lot of pseudo-electronic music. Stuff that borders on chillwave, throwbacks to new wave but with an electronic twist, a lot of it European-influenced, most of it with a nerdy edge to it that’s walks the threshold between awkwardness and the invariably cool. Stuff that can, in a way, be adequately described as psychedelic ambiance. This is the first of a few podcasts to fit this mold so you can think of it as part one, as that’s precisely what it is — the playlist grew and grew until I simply had to divide it in two for my own sanity’s sake.

There’s not much else to say about it.

So go ahead… listen and enjoy.

Download: FensePost Podcast Volume 2 Issue 2: Psychedelic Ambiance Part 1
[audio:fensepost-podcast-volume2-issue2.mp3|titles=FensePost Podcast Volume 2 Issue 2: Psychedelic Ambiance Part 1]


1. “Days Ahead” by Museum Of Belles Artes off Days Ahead
2. “Honey Mine (ft Victoria Bergsman)” by Korallreven off Honey Mine 7″
3. “Photojournalist” by Small Black off New Chain
4. “Erasers” by Blackbird Blackbird off Blackbird Blackbird
5. “The Dwarf And The Horse” by Sleep Party People off Regnsky
6. “All Around And Away We Go” by Twin Sister off Color Your Live
7. “Arena” by Suuns off Zeroes QC
8. “Artichoke” by Pandit off Eternity Spin
9. “Hotel” by Happy New Year off Twins b/w Hotel 7″
10. “Fifteen Ativan (Alternate Version)” by Foxes In Fiction off Alberto
11. “10 Feet Up” by Sleep Party People off Sleep Party People
12. “Silent Time Of Earth” by Candy Claws off Hidden Lands
13. “The Ballad Of The Broken Birdie Records” by Mum off Yesterday Was Dramatic, Today Is OK
14. “I Wasn’t Born Yesterday” by Headaches
15. “Good Evening” by Concretes off WYWH

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  1. Did you say Chill? Almost Electronica?

    Hi there,

    I’m working with Revenge of the Platypus and I’d like to send them in for possible review. What’s the best way to do so?

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