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Soda Shop: Farewell [7″ Single Review]


Pop music comes in many forms, and Soda Shop‘s duo — Drew Diver and Maria Usbeck — create a playful indie pop with a cleverly picked hollow-body electric guitar, plenty of tambourine, and a fair share of melodic, dark vocals courtesy Maria. Farewell hints, like many great modern indie pop bands, of a time long gone.

“Farewell” is filled with pop hooks, borderline upbeat. “When You’re Lonely”, on the other hand, is a dreamy nighttime ballad, soft and slow. Yes, these songs hint of that old pop sound, of 50s and early 60s girl-group pop. But there’s plenty of indie pop modernity housed within these two simple tracks; simple in that they’re seemingly effortless. There is plenty of depth kept hidden within.

Farewell is an instant classic, easy to love and easy on the soul. It will just as well make you pine for those long ago times as it will make you glad to be alive right here, right now.

Download: “Farewell” by Soda Shop
[audio:110215-soda-shop-farewell.mp3|titles=Farewell|artists=Soda Shop]


Shelflife Records [7″ Single, 2011]

1. Farewell
2. When You’re Lonely

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