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Sin Fang: Because Of The Blood [Video]


Sindri Már Sigfússon is on a roll. In 2009, his Clangour under Sin Fang (then Sin Fang Bous) received a top 10 place. 2010 saw his full Icelandic group, Seabear, crack the top 5 with We Built A Fire. Sindri is back with his follow up to Clangour. The album is called Summer Echoes and it drops March 15 thanks to Morr Music. As his projects go, the video for “Because Of The Blood” includes psychedelic mixed-media elements. And he dons a beard of doilies.

We found on Clangour a highly upbeat style of dreamy pop songs, flirting lightly with experimentation and psychedelia. “Because Of The Blood” follows suit, but it’s more mature, albeit only slightly. There’s seemingly more depth — although it could merely be the freshness of the song, as Clangour has played through my speakers hours on end since ’09. However you look at it, Summer Echoes is an album to anticipate greatly. Check out the video below and grab that mp3 of “Always Everything” while you’re at it!

Download: “Always Everything” by Sin Fang
[audio:110211-sin-fang-always-everything.mp3|titles=Always Everything|artists=Sin Fang]

Sin Fang – Because Of The Blood from Máni M. Sigfússon on Vimeo.

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