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The Hive Dwellers: Get In [mp3]

Throw Calvin Johnson into the mix, and, no matter what situation presents itself, it’ll always be a little awkward. That might come out wrong, but it shouldn’t. He is, in all aspects of the word, cool. When I saw him front The Hive Dwellers at the Anacortes What The Heck? Fest (the above photo was taken there by yours truly), I was again thoroughly impressed with just how cool Johnson could be. So seemingly uncool that it’s gone full circle; there’s no one cooler.

This theme radiates throughout “Get In” with the signature Johnson bleeps and bloops (made here by piano/keyboard) and at the forefront the immense baritone vocals of Calvin himself. Yes, I’ve been waiting for this since last summer. “Get In” is off The Hive Dwellers’ new single of the same name. This 12-inch single is supplemented by three remixes of the song and (of course) released by K Records.

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