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Jonquil: Fighting Smiles [mp3]


I drove down to Seattle about mid-month in January, and in typical form my iPod was on shuffle. I had tossed a bunch of albums on it from my FensePost file, and was looking forward to some new tunes. One band in particular popped up a few times, with interesting synths, clean guitar licks and slightly higher pitched vocals. Each time, the band caught my ear, I had to check out who it was — and it was Jonquil.

“Fighting Smiles”, like all songs by Jonquil, is a highly original style of pop music. There’s no one, that I can think of at least, that sounds this way. The guitars have a hint of Minus The Bear, but the vocals are more like Mew mixed with Animal Collective (minus the feral shouting) — and those references are a long stretch. Listen, and you’ll likely be left wondering what you just heard and how something so oddly bizarre can be so refreshingly good.

“Fighting Smiles” can be found on One Hundred Suns, Jonquil’s new EP with eight equally confounding tracks. Pick it up from Dovecote Records!

Download: “Fighting Smiles” by Jonquil
[audio:110203-joquil-fighting-smiles.mp3|titles=Fighting Smiles|artists=Jonquil]

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