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Fergus & Geronimo: Where The Walls Are Made Of Grass [Video]


In the first few moments of Fergus & Geronimo‘s “Where The Walls Are Made Of Grass”, we’re treated to a jazzy percussion and a cool, laid back upright bass line. This is the basis for the music Fergus & Geronimo create, blending genres in a most unique way. Rounding out the sound are odd vocal harmonies, folk-pop guitar hooks, and traces of an alto saxophone. Combined, they make up one of the most refreshing sounds we’ve heard in quite a while.

Other songs favor doo-wop, garage pop, and lo-fi soulful folk — and most include off-kilter lyrics. All in all, it’s unexpected. But, to pull a line from Paste Magazine, Fergus & Geronimo is definitely the “best of what’s next.” You can see it in their multimedia video for “Where The Walls Are Made Of Grass” and you can hear it in every single song off their debut LP, Unlearn. Seriously, it’s just about the best thing ever.

Download: “Powerful Lovin'” by Fergus & Geronimo
[audio:110121-fergus-geronimo-powerful-lovin.mp3|titles=Powerful Lovin’|artists=Fergus & Geronimo]

Download: “Baby Don’t You Cry” by Fergus & Geronimo
[audio:110121-fergus-geronimo-baby-dont-you-cry.mp3|titles=Baby Don’t You Cry|artists=Fergus & Geronimo]

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