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Typhoon [Feature]


Typhoon is an eleven piece ensemble band from Portland, OR. With their album Hunger and Thirst (produced with Portland’s incredible label Tender Loving Empire), they’ve garnered quite a bit of positive attention, none of it undeserved. Named for a Nietzsche thought, Typhoon create songs highly emotive and visceral in both structure and theme. Their music is an intelligently crafted exploration of what we feel and why we feel it. From beginning to end the album satisfies.

Typhoon’s depth in instrumentation and tender ferocity in lyricism carries us through a familiar wilderness of self. Pain we fear, conviviality we hope for, hurt we create and healing we are capable of all make an appearance in their songs. Most satiating of all is the band’s absence of solution as in the end we find ourselves where we began. We’re still reeling inside the cyclical nature of grief and joy that is life.  The music of Typhoon captures such a cycle boldy.

Typhoon has a new EP coming out soon called A New Kind Of House and you can grab the first song, “The Honest Truth”, from Tender Loving Empire for the cost of an email address.

Download: “Starting Over” by Typhoon
[audio:110114-typhoon-starting-over.mp3|titles=Starting Over|artists=Typhoon]

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