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Death And Vanilla: Death And Vanilla [Album Review]


Death And Vanilla came to my attention early last year after they put out a digital single on Beko Records. What was once a free EP now has a solid release under the newly formed Hands In The Dark Records. Dreamy and psychedelic at its core, Death And Vanilla’s pop also borders on electronic.

The opening notes of “Ghosts In The Machine” hints lightly of U.S. based Cock & Swan; it has a similar surreal, eerie sound to it. This continues in “Godspeed”, a song that dominates with drone-like consistencies in both instrumentals and vocals, a trait also found in “Run Rabbit Run” and throughout the Death And Vanilla.

This 4-song EP is packed with heavy synth and vocals that drown in reverb; Death And Vanilla’s sound is one completely unique and original. You can pick it up digitally from bandcamp or buy one of the super limited (edition of 100) CDs from Hand In The Dark.

Download: “Godspeed” by Death And Vanilla
[audio:110106-death-and-vanilla-godspeed.mp3|titles=Godspeed|artists=Death And Vanilla]


Hands In The Dark Records [EP, 2010]

1. Ghosts In The Machine
2. Godspeed
3. Run Rabbit Run
4. The Colour Of Space

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