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The Woodlands: In The Dark On Monday [Video]

Woodlands Band

The latest video from Portland folk-pop duo The Woodlands is a wispy look into how the two probably spend many of their days (check out Augustina Finch’s Etsy page for proof, delightful hand sewn cards made of memories).

In fact this video was originally intended for their Etsy page, but after some re-consideration the band realized its potential as a companion for their song “In The Dark On Monday”. For having been created separately, the video and song work wonderfully together.

There’s a necessary angst captured in the fast/slow filming style; a visual representation of what could be one’s internal ruction. This, when paired with the gentle anxiety of the lyrics, soothingly sung barely above a whisper, creates a delightfully balanced music experience.

A hazy song alongside a dreamy video. All around The Woodlands have created an artistic reprieve for us. Listen. Watch. Relax.

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