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Intimate Stranger: Under [Album Review]


On their sophomore release, you can expect a fresh new batch of the same Intimate Stranger you may or may not have already introduced into your daily living. But, with just a bit of a twist. Under follows suit with this internationally based indie rock group’s common style that has been acclaimed all over the world. But unlike some poor unfortunate miners in Chile, one of the band’s many homesteads, these cats can crawl out of their basic workings for at least a short while.

Under has a bit of spark and flare that pops up consistently throughout the entire play list. The guitar riffs rip apart your eardrums as lead vocalist Tessie Woodgate serenades you with her made for indie vocals. Their rhythm sections is enlightening on “Moments”, and just listen to that bass on the title track “Under”, it’s mind boggling good. But what is most impressive about this album has to be how consistently over the top all the melodies seem to be. It’s like hearing the oohs and ahhs pouring out of a trapeze tent at the circus for 45 minutes. It’s bloody entertaining to say the least.

Because of their somewhat standardized form of indie rock, it might be tempting to through Intimate Stranger to the terrifying wolves of stereotyping. Interpol, The Pretenders, etc. But, much credit needs to be given to this international success story. Maybe sometimes, just sometimes, we have to take off our hat of constant categorization and just listen to what we want to hear. And if you want to hear what is now becoming the classic style of indie core rock and roll, then this is exactly what you will want to hear.

Download: “Moments” by Intimate Stranger
[audio:101229-intimate-stranger-moments.mp3|titles=Moments|artists=Intimate Stranger]

Download: “Nighttime” by Intimate Stranger
[audio:101229-intimate-stranger-nighttime.mp3|titles=Nighttime|artists=Intimate Stranger]


Fringcore Records [CD, 2010]

1. Moments
2. Nighttime
3. Under
4. Held
5. Beastie Queen
6. All Things Pretty
7. Note To Self
8. Shiny Tears
9. Little Steps
10. Gone and Buried

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