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Hurricane Lanters: Hymns For The Misguided [Album Review]


Moody rock is nothing new to the northwest. I think it has something to do with the less-than favorable weather; it’s always raining and when it’s not there’s a fair chance it’s gray and overcast. Hurricane Lanterns fit right in, creating a heavy-yet-bouncy style of rock easy to dig. The project is that of Patrick Dodd, with Jack Lightfoot on drums and Aaron Mannino on bass and backup vocals. Their latest release is called Hymns for the Misguided, and they make acoustic-based tunes seem heavier and louder than normal.

When I listen to songs like opening track “Average Day” and quick standout “For Loren”, I hear hints of a personal northwest favorite, BOAT. Dodd’s vocals are occasionally throaty like those of D. Crane. Yet there’s more emotion here, less self-deprecating sarcasm.

But look deeper and you’ll hear something a bit broader, with a bit more flare in the classic folk-rock sense. This is a band heavily influenced by the likes of Harry Nilsson, John Prine and Jarvis Cocker — artists embedded in the origins of folk-rock. These influences are best heard in Hurricane Lanterns’ slower tunes, like the light shuffle of “Keeping It” and the playful “I Don’t Ask Much”. These songs are less rock and a hint more country; the band’s dual personality keeps the album interesting.

There’s a lot to love on Hymns for the Misguided. It’s spirited and emotional one moment, hopeful and playful the next, and even relaxed at times. It’s also available for purchase on iTunes and CD Baby.

Listen: “I Don’t Care” by Hurricane Lanterns
[audio:101207-hurricane-lanterns-i-dont-care.mp3|titles=I Don’t Care|artists=Hurricane Lanterns]


[CD, 2010]

1. Average Day
2. Paper Hearts
3. Besides These Things
4. For Loren
5. Keeping It
6. I Don’t Care
7. I Don’t Ask Much
8. I Do What I Want
9. I Just Want To Live My Life
10. Hymn For The Misguided

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