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Common Prayer [Feature]


With their well received debut album There Is A Mountain, Brooklyn based band Common Prayer have attained a comforting and familiar sound picturesquely layered with the best of the British folk-pop sensibilities. Banjos, guitars, and strings interweave subtly in and out of one another creating quietly strong songs; tunes that are tattered, windblown, and personable. What really persists in this band’s work however is their touch of quirky instrumental accents (most delightfully present on tracks such as “Commonprayer” and “Marriage Song”) that when coupled with an overall somberness in attitude creates a vividly satisfying, back-country imbibed listening experience. Headed up by Jason Russo (also of psychedelic rock band Hopewell) Common Prayer, unapologetic and weathered in their style, is a timely band with staying power.

Download: “Us Vs. Them” by Common Prayer
[audio:101201-common-prayer-us-vs-them.mp3|titles=Us Vs. Them|artists=Common Prayer]

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