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Alexipharmic: Good Side Of Bad Vol. 3 [Album Review]


Oh dear Alexi and your consistently inspiring lyrical madness. Each time you show us a Good Side of Bad, it seems impossible to be even more impressed than the last time. Yes, Alexipharmic is back with a brand new batch of highly intelligent hip hop based words to beat that are guaranteed to make you think as much as you are sure to dance. Although the high pitched glory of his full fledged album American Beauty has long and disappeared into the depths of history, our man brought back that same spirit to his latest volume of self conceited releases known as Good Side Of Bad. Honestly enough, this third volume is not only the best of the series, but the best our man has ever created.

Seattle has a wide base of brilliant MC’s that have rarely received the praise they deserve. But, Good Side Of Bad Vol. 3 proves that Alexipharmic is by far the greatest MC the northwest has to offer, and definitely the most underestimated lyricist the western hemisphere as to offer. The brilliance behind tracks like “G’Day” and “Troubadour” provide on positive evidence that this cat has something that even the likes of Slug and Brother Ali couldn’t even dream of offering the indie world.

Alex Hallett, the man behind the legend of Alexipharmic, is without a doubt one of the finest gentlemen in the world of underground hip hop, or any independent music for that matter. Not only does a vast amount of his earnings, which are not near as high as they deserve to be, go to a charity of his choice, his words could possibly speak to millions of folks that feel as though they have been lost and demonized by society in a way that is irrefutably wrong as well as unmistakably deliberately deceitful from the likes of those we are suppose to trust. His words are simply truth. And Good Side Of Bad Vol. 3 is an album that really kicks at the darkness until it bleeds daylight (as the Barenaked Ladies once said).

Alexipharmic makes us see what so many are trying to hide, and he does it with no shame or remorse when it comes to exposing the dangerous beasts of burden that tend to destroy our beloved society. All through a little thing called hip hop? Can you imagine that?

Download: “Troubadour” by Alexipharmic

Download: “G’Day” by Alexipharmic


[CD, 2010]

1. Nuclear
2. G’Day
3. Romeo
4. Mwanafunzi
5. Troubadour
6. Cleopatra
7. Repunzel
8. Ambition
9. Charlie
10. Down

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