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Strength: Mind-Reader [Album Review]


Strength is a group that is so unburdened by formalities that it’s almost unfathomable. There style is beyond formative, it’s a splendid blast from the past unlike much of anything you have heard in well over 20 years. It’s like the reincarnation of Daft Punk with vocal duties from the likes of Prince. Mind-Reader, the band’s sophomore release, is a gentle smash to the throat, and a kick in the pants that will undoubtedly make you want boogie and thrash the night away.

These Euro-trash extraodinaires’ single “Metal” is everything you could ask for from a disco/dance pop group. It’s sexually explicit — downright erotic even — and catchier than a Yo Gabba Gabba sing along featuring Jack Black. But, these Portland-based sexual deviants have their greatest Prince-like moment on the emotionally charged “Brandy”. But their glam punk influence is just as exceptional on the high octane track “Disaster”, and “Blood” might just be a track that could make this whole Twilight phenomenon a wee bit more entertaining (even the oh-too-cool St. Vincent couldn’t reach that feet). Much like the dance floors Strength is known to pack, these guys are all over the place on this one.

Although they use all the elements of an 80’s post-disco outfit, they are far from a relinquished effort to bring up the past. Strength has taken common elements, stirred them in a beaker of beautiful fortitude, and created an orgasmic explosion that will make you feel downright special in so many ways. And Mind-Reader is a damn fine collection of a sound that has made these boys an underground sensation that even the hippest of hipsters would have to bow down and appreciate.

Download: “Metal” by Strength

Download: “Brandy” by Strength


[CD, 2010]

1. Metal
2. Brandy
3. Disaster
4. Marianne
5. Wilderness
6. Blood
7. Overheat
8. Radio Black

2 thoughts on “Strength: Mind-Reader [Album Review]”

  1. these guys are awesome. an ex girlfriend introduced me to them. i have their cd burned to my computer, but i want to buy the whole thing. and it said this is their sophomore album, meaning second. where can i get the first one?

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