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Gunslinger: Early Volumes 1 [Album Review]


What in the sweet hell is going on here? Who is this Gunslinger and how has he somehow managed to infiltrate the world of regular atmospheric rock and roll, and turn it into a danceable bit of electronica that never really seems to lose its artistic touch. If something doesn’t seem just right about Early Volumes 1, it’s only because all the perquisites of regular dance music has suddenly take a strange and crazy original turn towards indie rock, and collided with a massive soundscape of very fresh sounds.

As soon as the album kicks off, literally 3 seconds into “Run For Your Life,” the confusion begins to sink in. And it doesn’t get much easier to understand as the songs progress. Each and every track on Early Volumes 1 could easily be transformed into your standard Morrissey influenced sappy indie rock song. But instead of moping, you are encouraged to dance? Enjoy yourself even? Who would have ever thought you could hear a genuine bit of storytelling as someone smashes your Ecstasy numbed face with a glittered glow stick? And trust me, as strange as it is, it’s almost impossible to try and convince you of how strangely wonderful this sound really is.

If Simon Le Bon ever got his crazy little fingers on a copy of Gunslinger’s Early Volume 1, it would not be surprising to see him shit himself in public. This is the sort of originality that people (including myself) seem to think is of accord in the modern world of music. But, obviously it is out there. And that is the beauty of today. Gunslinger is an act that would have thrived immensely in the original dance oriented periods in time. And it certainly has the ability to so now as well.


[CD, 2010]

1. Run For Your Life
2. Who Have You Been
3. Words
4. Unbreakable
5. Variations
6. Saving Your Heart
7. Gravity
8. Nothing’s Good Enough

5 thoughts on “Gunslinger: Early Volumes 1 [Album Review]”

  1. Wow very cool album. Can’t say that I have heard anything like it. Lets hope originality will get you somewhere these days 😉

  2. Awesome artist. I can’t relate him to anybody…the closest would be Infected Mushroom, but even that is not fair. The vocal harmonies are what particularly interest me. Dares to challenge what you expect. He’s on his own level, on his own turf, and he’s the master of it. Where most others follow footsteps, he creates the ones that others will step in. Forward, preeminently ahead of tomorrow’s tomorrow. A MUST

  3. AMAZING!!! Gunslinger delivers with a high energy, rock/techno sound that will hook you from the first track!!! Unlike anything else out there!!! Go ahead, dance your ass off!!!

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