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Fredrik: Origami [7″ Single Review]


Consistent in experimentation, exploring the outer reaches of dream pop is Swedish trio Fredrik. On their most recent release, Origami, the band continues what they created with LP Na Na Ni and EP trio Trilogi. They create a sound both wonderful and peaceful, but with an underlying eerie-ness that makes their music unique and refreshing.

Fredrik has always used music to build structure around a fantasy world, and as they continue to give us new material, the dream-lands within their collective minds become slightly more vivid. There’s good reason I consider this band to be one of the best, most original bands around, and you can hear it throughout songs like “White On White.”

Origami, then, continues what Fredrik began with their earlier releases — a recurring dream both darkly beautiful and calmly terrifying, filled with mystery and awe.

Download: “White On White” by Fredrik
[audio:101112-fredrik-white-on-white.mp3|titles=White On White|artists=Fredrik]


The Kora Records [7″ Single, 2010]

1. Dance of the Peacock Phantom
2. White on White
3. ABC

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