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What Is Zoophyte? (Ödland’s Latest Tease)


Once again teasing us with creative bits of art is French band Ödland, this time with a series of photographs of the always stunning Alizée Bingöllü. With these photographs comes a rambling message clouded in mystery, reproduced in part here. Ödland has always blended their very unique style of underground French classical pop with the artistic, a feat they accomplish gracefully with these teasers.

Hello Andrew.
I hope your fine.
I know you appreciate our way of teasing.
And I would like to tell you more about some curiosity we are planning.
This is a complete association between me, Ödland, Feebrile, Le Petit Écho Malade, MellSan and Children of the Wolf about the next Ödland’s production.
But for now this is a secret, a real mystere.
We just post interrogative photographs like the few I attached to you.
You may know we are working on our second album “Sankta Lucia”.
But for our 2 years birthday we prepared a great surprise called “Zoophyte”.

… (this paragraph has been removed upon request) …

Please keep all the informations in the second paragraph secret, you understand this is very important for us. I tell you all of this because I thought you may be interested by this curious teasing photographs, and if you want to post them, it would be a pleasure for us, you see.

All the best.
Lorenzo Papace, Ödland

Intrigued yet? Curious? I know we are (although we have a bit more insight into this Zoophyte thing). Here’s a taste of Ödland’s past – an early song we quite enjoy called “The Caterpillar.”

Download: “The Caterpillar” by Ödland
[audio:091216-odland-the_caterpillar.mp3|titles=The Caterpillar|artists=Ödland]

So, the question is: What is Zoophyte? Ponder the mystere [sic] a bit more with these intriguing photographs…







2 thoughts on “What Is Zoophyte? (Ödland’s Latest Tease)”

  1. aaaaaaaaaaaa great !
    I don’t know who is Children of the Wolf, I’m gonna look for it !
    With all this it’s gonna be great !!
    a big event !! so cool
    I love you Ödland !

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