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Falling Trees: Youth Club Disco EP [Album Review]


Oh those classy Brits! Their sensational love for pop music is absolutely understandable and with precedent. Especially when they have such an elusive underground filled with a massive amount of genius characters. Andy Botterill is definitely one of these wonderful characters. Paul Stolworthy and Andy Padfield are pretty nice as well. Together they make a swell team of individuals joining forces to creating blissful and bouncy pop music from the heart. Together they are Falling Trees.

On their quick paced yet captivating debut album, Youth Club Disco EP, Falling Trees give us a four track demonstration of what it means to be a lo-fi bohemian with an appetite for some glorious pop music. The title cut, “Youth Club Disco”, is as soothing as a seaweed wrap and jazz flute serenade, while “Something Memorable” is an uber-catchy, almost danceable track that is sure to draw in the melodic laced hook lover in all of us.

For what Falling Trees lacks in experimental efforts, they more than make for it with a compassion for pop simplicity. Botterill isn’t doing too much different with this group as he has done with his solo works. And although Youth Club Disco EP moves at a fairly steady pace, it’s a pace you can appreciate on your morning coffee runs, or your nightly wine trips. It’s fun, it’s far from shameful, and it’s a very good example as to why the UK is the real home of true to heart pop music.

Download: “Something Memorable” by Falling Trees
[audio:101026-falling-trees-something-memorable.mp3|titles=Something Memorable|artists=Falling Trees]


Pastime Records [CD, 2010]

1. Life Passed by
2. Youth Club Disco
3. Something Memorable
4. Good Reasons

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