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Seasons: Light, Lost [Video]


One of my favorite recent videos is that of Letting Up Despite Great Faults’ dreamy fuzz-pop tune “Our Younger Noise”. That video was directed by Chris Ewing, who has returned with a new video for the LA band Seasons. Backed by Seasons’ light dreamy pop, the video for “Light, Lost” opposes the song’s pleasantries in the most endearing of ways. In Ewing’s own words, he describes it as a slightly creepy, surreal adventure story about a pretty girl and the monsters that follow her around and it was shot on location at a hippie commune up in the SoCal hills.

Alone, the description is quite compelling, but it pales in comparison to actually watching it. And it pales in comparison to hearing the beautifully haunting pop of Seasons.

“Light, Lost” is off Seasons’ EP Winters.

Seasons: “Light, Lost” from Christopher j Ewing on Vimeo.

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