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Portland Cello Project: Denmark [Video]


In support of their third full length, Thousand Words, Portland Cello Project put together a video for their song “Denmark” that has garnered attention worldwide. It is creative, unique, entertaining and emotive. And thus it fits PCP’s music, which for the first time is fully instrumental. Thousand Words, then, strays slightly from the band’s prior work due to the lack of vocals, but the music is just as heartfelt – if not more so. “Denmark” is an astonishingly powerful track that builds upon the band’s signature instrument and penchant for blending classically-based songs with inherent independent hipness.

For your enjoyment, I’ve also included an mp3 of the band performing the song “Tallymarks” with vocal accompaniment from the ever-great Thao.

Download: “Tallymarks (featuring Thao)” by Portland Cello Project
[audio:100830-pcp-thao-tallymarks.mp3|titles=Tallymarks (featuring Thao)|artists=Portland Cello Project]

Portland Cello Project – ‘Denmark’ from Two Penguins Productions on Vimeo.

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