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A Fine Day For Sailing: Sand Box [Album Review]


What sort of group puts out two full length albums in less than a year? Well, how about a damn good one? And A Fine Day For Sailing is most definitely so. Fresh (extremely, in fact) off their last pop wonder, My Baby Loves Pop Music, the happy-go-lucky band of English excitement junkies are back with Sand Box. And to say they have improved would be to dumb down the greatness of My Baby, but I’ll be damned if these cats didn’t create something entirely original, using the format that worked wonderfully a few months ago.

Although the end of summer is near, Sand Box is most definitely a great summer pop album. Whether you’re beach driving, or just sleeping in the sand by your local river hole, “Summer Blonde” is a track that will get you right in the mood to love and relax the easy days away. These jingle-jangle masters don’t let the happiness get out of hand, escaping the harsh reality and blunder of actual reality of some sadness that might be forced upon us. Thus we have “Leaves of Summer”. But, not to fret happy children, there is plenty of chirpiness throughout this album.

A Fine Day For Sailing is a beautiful new age, yet nostalgic glance back at the Beach Boys in their undying glory. Sand Box solidifies this, not only with content, but with context. Their heavy guitar riffs over a feel-good rhythm section, as well as a tantalizing arrangement of corresponding vocals, make them an asset to indie pop that is simply too hard to refuse.

Download: “Summer Blonde” by A Fine Day For Sailing
[audio:100819-afdfs-summer-blonde.mp3|titles=Summer Blonde|artists=A Fine Day For Sailing]

Download: “Leaves In The Summer” by A Fine Day For Sailing
[audio:100819-afdfs-leaves-in-the-summer.mp3|titles=Leaves In The Summer|artists=A Fine Day For Sailing]


Vollwert Records [CD, 2010]

1. Summer Blonde
2. 925
3. Baby
4. My Bubblegum
5. Leaves In The Summer
6. Can’t Get You Off My Mind
7. Same Old Story
8. My Little Girl
9. Make It Better
10. Tell Him The Truth
11. Sand Box

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