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Allo Darlin’: The Polaroid Song [Video]


Allo Darlin’ is a fairly new band, which is somewhat hard to believe after hearing “The Polaroid Song”. It has the sound of early 90s twee pop artists like, well, Talulah Gosh and Heavenly and Tender Trap. This is no surprise when you learn that they share a member (Elizabeth) with Amelia Fletcher’s Tender Trap. And there are a few other bands in the mix — Hexicon (Mikey and Paul) and Moustache of Insanity (Bill), among others. “The Polaroid Song” is the first single off the band’s recent self-titled LP. In this video, the band pays tribute to and 80s staple: The Breakfast Club.

You can pick up Allo Darlin’ at Fortuna Pop.

Download: “The Polaroid Song” by Allo Darlin’
[audio:100806-allo-darlin-polaroid-song.mp3|titles=The Polaroid Song|artists=Allo Darlin’]

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