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Donny Hue and the Colors [Feature]


Donny Hue and the Colors is back on the radar this summer, dishing out what he’s dubbing fre(e)-singles. Two free digital singles per week; that’s pretty darn impressive. Mike from The Kora Records passed a few my way and I’ve been jammin’ to them for about half an hour now. “At The Garden Wall” has a light folk-pop shuffle somewhere between The Beatles and Dylan, but with modern folk-pop flare. On the contrary, “I’ll Be On My Way” begins with a country-ish pop jangle with bolder, more heartfelt vocals.

Both, in my opinion, match what I’ve heard from Hue in the past. What Hue does here is return to his roots, namely Bob Dylan. But he doesn’t disregard his own personal style in doing so; instead he enhances those signature vocals, that effervescent folk styling found on songs like “Steps” and the good time nature of “Oh Lord”. These songs complement those past successes while giving a nod to the artists that may (or may not) have paved his way toward writing and performing music.

Pay attention, world, because Donny Hue has something very special going on.

You can grab the latest single right here and the previous weeks over here. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Download: “At The Garden Wall” by Donny Hue and the Colors
[audio:100805-donny-hue-at-the-garden-wall.mp3|titles=At The Garden Wall|artists=Donny Hue and the Colors]

Download: “I’ll Be On My Way” by Donny Hue and the Colors
[audio:100805-donny-hue-ill-be-on-my-way.mp3|titles=I’ll Be On My Way|artists=Donny Hue and the Colors]

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