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Colossal Yes / The Good Fear: GRR014 7″


We covered Colossal Yes a while back for their record on Ba Da Bing, Charlemagne’s Big Thaw. That album had a rough, raw folk presence that began with a terrifying scream. Undoubtedly folk, the album had plenty of pop sensibilities with jangly guitars and bouncy drum beats. You get some of that here, on their split with The Good Fear. “Backbiter Blues” has a near jazz-like drum beat, pop-filled piano, and a folk vocal drawl. Emphasizing the genre blend, the band throws in a few sax and guitar solos.

The Good Fear is a good match for this split. Both bands have that unrestrained folk sound and their song “Be Like Us” mixes light folk with hefty folk-rock with an epic edge, full with time signature changes, wild heights and pushy beats that keep you on the edge of your seat. The key problem becomes this: it is damn near impossible to decide which song to call your favorite. They are, in every way and form, equals in both greatness and quality.

Above photo of Colossal Yes. This split 7″ is available now from Gold Robot Records, and I gotta say — it’s well worth it! Oh yeah, it’s on awesome gray vinyl too!


Gold Robot Records [7″ Single, 2010]

1. “Backbiter Blues” by Colossal Yes
2. “Be Like Us” by The Good Fear

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