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Let’s Be Honeys [Feature]


I was introduced to Let’s Be Honeys from a Swedesplease post several months back, and after that initial listen (and download) I kind of forgot about the band. Well they returned to my radar the other day when “Heartful of secrets” began to play and I was instantly entranced. The songs are simple, featuring only Nils Folke Valdemar of Göteborg, Sweden, singing in his deep, playful tenor and strumming a ukulele or what sounds like a nylon string acoustic guitar. On “Heartful of secrets” he even throws in some hand claps.

As Valdemar puts it, it’s just him and “someone else, sometimes.” “No Love” has an accompanying female vocalist, and “Pop Love” features an additional male vocalist on backup. It’s an equation that works very well, and it fits almost too perfectly when you hear the band’s interests, as they proclaim on their Facebook page: “Zombies, monsters, vampires, blackbirds, the night, the day, the flesh, music, pancakes, bicycles, etc.” Reminds me, again, of a mix between Jens Lekman, Suburban Kids With Biblical Names, and (of course) Tafra.

Download: “Heartful of secrets” by Let’s Be Honeys
[audio:100802-lets-be-honeys-heartful-of-secrets.mp3|titles=Heartful of secrets|artists=Let’s Be Honeys]

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