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Born Ruffians: What To Say [Video]


Born Ruffians could have easily lost their way and became some sort of Prince cover band at a Reno-based casino. Instead, they have taken the little known R&B influenced rock and roll idea and turn it into something insanely original and extremely entertaining. “What To Say” is that song you will want to hear over and over in your car that is headed somewhere you really don’t want to go. And the video will have you hitting replay on YouTube more times than when you saw Bush get a shoe thrown at his face.

The dancing lights and charismatic imagery of the “What To Say” video are almost as clever and compelling as the extremely catchy pop single itself. Born Ruffians have distinct harmonizing capabilities that set them pretty far apart from your average groove-worthy sort of group. They have developed a following as an original and always pleasing live show. If “What To Say” and its corresponding video is merely a sample their recently released album Say It, these guys could very well call themselves a success already.

Download: “Sole Brother” by Born Ruffians
[audio:100728-born-ruffians-sole-brother.mp3|titles=Sole Brother|artists=Born Ruffians]

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