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Woom: Quetzalcoatl’s Ship [mp3]


The thing I love about Ba Da Bing is that you never really know what you’re going to get, but you can always trust the fact that it will be 1) almost entirely unique, and 2) extremely good. Enter one of the label’s latest bands, Woom. They fit the facts, producing minimalist experimental folk pop tunes like “Quetzalcoatl’s Ship” on their mini LP, simply titled demo.

“Quetzalcoatl’s Ship” places great emphasis on percussion, but not in the traditional sense; it too is light and soft. An occasional guitar string pluck or strum and Eben Portnoy’s whistling make up the primary instrumentation, while Sara Magenheimer carries the tune and melody vocally. Dubbed as “beats and singing” on Woom’s Facebook page, the description is all encompassing of the music they create.

Yet their music, too, is so much more. And “Quetzalcoatl’s Ship” is perhaps the perfect example of that.

Download: “Quetzalcoatl’s Ship” by Woom
[audio:100628-woom-quetzalcoatls-ship.mp3|titles=Quetzalcoatl’s Ship|artists=Woom]

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