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Trances Arc: TA [Album Review]

Trances Arc

Like a shot of Red Bull to the thigh, Trances Arc explodes through your speakers like a jaunting energy kick, yet they manage to remain calm and organized through all the hysteria. Their latest album, TA, almost plays as a brilliant collection of one hit wonders that entranced the skating rinks and dark alleys of the late 90’s. Each song is a potential single, with even greater potential for helping you soar into the pop rock oblivion where creativity reigns supreme and prosperous. This is catchy, hook-oriented rock and roll at its very best.

As soon as “Steep Roof” kicks off this record, your heart rate will increase slightly before you can even think of controlling it. By the time you reach “Fuego Balloons”, the delight of this Atlanta group will be almost too much. Singer Eric Toledo has an aching confidence in his voice that borders the likes of Britt Daniel. It’s not the loudness of the group that is so damn appealing, it’s the intensity and charisma they ever so calmly slap you in the mouth with that makes them so lovable. It’s probably not fair to say this so soon, but Trances Arc might very well be the hidden offspring(s) of Chris Robinson and Courtney Love the media rats will surely be looking for in due time.

Trances Arc has an impressive catalog of music backing them up. But TA is obviously something bigger. The band is coming out stronger and harder with every release, and they should know that their “good times to be had” style is a truly wonderful gift to be had these days. This is a group that defies all the obvious branding and stereotypes that should surround them and their sound. They simply rock.

Download: “Nose Bleed” by Trances Arc
[audio:100624-trances-arc-nose-bleed.mp3|titles=Nose Bleed|artists=Trances Arc]

Download: “Steep Roof” by Trances Arc
[audio:100624-trances-ta-steep-roof.mp3|titles=Steep Roof|artists=Trances Arc]

Trances Arc: TA

Slush Fund Recordings [CD, 2010]

1. Steep Roof
2. Boom City
3. Phantom Mosquitoes
4. Fuego Balloons
5. Camera Gun Shy
6. Nose Bleed
7. Black Lung
8. Our Wild Eyes
9. Stakes Is High
10. Not So Tough

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