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Jews and Catholics: Who Are? We Think We Are [Album Review]

Jews and Catholics

If you have ever wanted to know what it would feel like to have the point of an upright bass jammed directly into your neck, then Jews and Catholics might just be your favorite band. With razor sharp spirit, and a post-punk sound as well as attitude, this North Carolina duo of noise makers bring forth the power of Sonic Youth, fused with just an acid droplet of The Clash on their album Who Are? We Think We Are.

The idea of an orchestra heavy rock sound is far from new, but Jews and Catholics is something completely different. “Up For Days” proves this point very well by turning a slap bass, which Alanna Meltzer does perfectly, into a weapon of mass destruction in support of Eddie Garcia’s dark lyrics and delicious guitar riffs.

The majority of the track list on Who Are? We Think We Are is very retro oriented. But the album’s gem has to be “Fevers”, which sounds as though it was cut straight from the flannel cloth of Scott Wieland’s own shirt circa 1996 when grunge was newly deceased, and alternative music was spinning out of control. It might be the odd track out, but it is a highlight nonetheless.

Jews and Catholics are by far one of the most creative groups in the post punk world right now. Their almost deafening garage sound is one you are surely not to forget any time soon. It is very rare to hear an album like Who Are? We Think We Are without feeling the urge to swallow three guitar picks, dye your hair black, and digest the blood that glistens on the fingertips of such intricate artists such as these. You will feel so good for doing it, and the soundtrack will be amazing.

Download: “Fevers” by Jews & Catholics
[audio:100623-jews-catholics-fevers.mp3|titles=Catholics|artists=Jews And Catholics]

Download: “Up For Days” by Jews And Catholics
[audio:100623-jews-catholics-up-for-days.mp3|titles=Up For Days|artists=Jews And Catholics]


307 Knox Records [CD, 2010]

1. Dear Alexa
2. Golden Arrow
3. Fevers
4. Who Are? We Think We Are!
5. The Spring
6. Up For Days
7. Trouble One Trouble Two
8. Zombie Teeth
9. Thank God I Don’t Live In Your Eyes
10. Slow Disease

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  1. Jews and Catholics are definitely hard to describe, but I think you’ve finally found a way to do them justice. The album is lust-worthy. All should take heed.

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