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Cotton Jones: Glorylight & Christie [mp3]

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Page France’s departure from existence was bittersweet. On one hand, Michael Nau’s original baby was no more — and after a few stellar releases in Hello, Dear Wind, the Pear / Sister Pinecone double EP, and …And The Family Telephone, he had built a steady and consistent style of folk-pop with a psychedelic edge. On the other hand, there was excitement behind is new project, Cotton Jones.

Started with a substantial amount of hype, the band released Paranoid Cocoon to great acclaim (it followed the much quieter release of The River Strumming).

Now the duo of Michael Nau and Whitney McGraw are back with Tall Hours In The Glowstream, due out on Suicide Squeeze in August.

The first single off the album is “Glorylight & Christie” and it follows what Cotton Jones built in Paranoid Cocoon.

“Glorylight & Christie” may not be quite as psychedelic as Paranoid Cocoon toppers like “Gotta Cheer Up” and “Blood Red Sentimental Blues”, but it lives true to the genre when paired with Cotton Jones’ folk underpinning. Opening with McGraw’s eerie, high-pitched wail and an organ, Nau soon joins in and the song just keeps building from there.

Cotton Jones’ Tall Hours In The Glowstream is poised to be one of the year’s more anticipated releases. Look for it August 24.

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