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Tame Impala: Solitude Is Bliss [Video]

Tame Impala

There’s something eerily beautiful about this video; it borders on insane. Tame Impala does a good job taking a scene of destruction and turning up the shock value to the point of laughter. Laughter fades to bewilderment, then understanding. Insanity does play a part here, if you’re one to look for meaning in videos such as this. If you’re not part of that camp, it still maintains viable entertainment value.

Tame Impala is an Australian psychedelic rock band, and “Solitude is Bliss” is their latest pop song — though they don’t mind going off on a tangent jam either. Their new album InnerSpeaker comes out this June on Modular.

1 thought on “Tame Impala: Solitude Is Bliss [Video]”

  1. Here are our intentions in this video, but people are free to take it the way they want.
    We wanted to represent the psychological steps you get through when you lose somebody.

    Act 1: The pain of loss.
    Act 2: The relief in solitude and oblivion
    Act 3: Agoraphobia
    Act 4: Misanthropy as a transfert of the rancour.
    Act 5: Agoraphobia, confusion, desperation.
    Act 6: The rejection of any relashionship. The dog is a symbol of strong links.
    Act 7: Dehumanisation of the others. Leave me alone, bastards.

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