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Farewell Voxtrot

Voxtrot in Seattle, December 2007

After their self-titled LP failed to garner the applause of the group’s earlier EPs, and front-man Ramesh Srivastava picked-up and moved from hometown Austin to Berlin, it was easy to see that Voxtrot was not only taking time off, but possibly going on the inevitable hiatus. And so it is, around three years after Voxtrot hit, the band is finished. Like many fans that have enjoyed everything this band has done, I am saddened by their departure, but hopeful in the opportunity to hear where the various members go next.

In a note on the Voxtrot website, Ramesh comes to a realization I had just about one decade ago:

In the end, I’ve come to realize that there really isn’t any cause for disappointment. The fact is, the songs still exist, and the music of Voxtrot lives on as a sovereign entity which, outside of all criticism, positive or negative, belongs to the guys and me, and to everybody who ever loved it or believed. Taking into account every person I’ve met, every place I have visited, every emotional exchange I have ever had with a listener, there is absolutely no room for regret.

Life is too short to regret, to continually look back, or be overly concerned about looking forward. Bad things may have happened in the past, but the good were there too; and that’s where energy should be focused. Likewise can be said about the future. And if you feel that way about the past and the future, well all you’re left with is a positive present. We owe who we are to our past experiences, good or bad. To regret would be to say we hate who we are at present and wish we could be something or someone else. Now I’m beginning to wax philosophical (as well as get off-topic). Ramesh hints at this in the next paragraph of his note.

Within my collection sit an array of Voxtrot artifacts, from the earliest 7″ singles for The Start Of Something and Raised By Wolves to those that followed the release of their LP Voxtrot. While Berlin Without Return made it through the order, it sadly never arrived at my doorstep. Still, a few extra bucks is a small price to pay to a band that has brought forth so many uplifting moments and been a background part in so many cherished memories.

So I say farewell Voxtrot with only a hint of sadness, as I am already looking forward to hearing what Ramesh has in store for us next.

Above photo by Fense on December 5, 2007 in Seattle.

Download: “The Start Of Something” by Voxtrot
[audio:100505-voxtrot-the-start-of-something.mp3|titles=The Start Of Something|artists=Voxtrot]


2 thoughts on “Farewell Voxtrot”

  1. Hey Andy,
    missing you lots. Anyways one of the members is in “International Waters”, you might want to check them out sometime.
    Hoping to hear from you sometime. Have a grand summer.

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