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Night Driving In Small Towns: Serial Killer [Album Review]

Night Driving in Small Towns

It’s hard to think of Night Driving In Small Towns as a duo. The band has a sound that is much, much fuller. Andrea Rogers and Colby Wright probably take their name from that which they grew up doing, having scoured the small towns of Georgia before relocating to the city of Atlanta. Serial Killer is the sort of pop album you’d expect from a post Elephant 6 band like The Essex Green or Elf Power. It’s leans toward being romantic, has hints of folk and orchestration, but is pure pop.

The album opens strong with “February” and “Barstool”, two songs that give the impression of being much greater than the sum of its two parts. “Get Free” is reminiscent of Headlights, with upbeat percussion and highly lovable harmony male/female vocals. And you’ll be surprised when the guitar breaks routine for a slightly louder highlight (not quite a solo, as it repeats later) in the title track, “Serial Killer”. That sound leads into a heavier chorus backed by strong percussion and astounding harmony vocals. This continues in “Sum + Its Parts” but with a more epic presence and the addition of keys; it acts as the album climax before winding down in “This Whole City”.

Night Driving In Small Towns has great potential, and they succeed wholeheartedly in astonishing throughout Serial Killer. They excel at capturing attention of the typical pop fan to no end. Simply put, Serial Killer is a thriller. This is one album you definitely do not want to miss!

Night Driving In Small Towns: Serial Killer

Lower 40 Records [CD, 2010]

1. February
2. Barstool
3. Kick
4. Come & Tell Me
5. Get Free
6. Don’t Be Sorry
7. All Together Now
8. Duet Song
9. Serial Killer
10. Sum + Its Parts
11. This Whole City

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