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The Other 49: A Cold Open EP [Album Review]

The Other 49

A chorus is a terrible thing to waste. The Other 49 obviously think this as well. Their debut EP, A Cold Open, is a definitive collection of the build ups leading to a systematic and tectonic shifting collection of balls-to-the-walls hooks and ladders. This is not to say the rest is all filler, but the focus is obviously on beating the hearts much like “And as we wind on down the road…” did for us on “Stairway to Heaven”. In retrospect, this might be exactly what they accomplished.

The highlight track is obviously going to be “Under The Lights”. At almost 6 minutes long, it seems much longer. It’s as though this highly electric track just sucks away time and space and turns sound and time into a thick matter that holds no regard for convenience. But for the sappy and constantly soiled-eyed listener, the hidden jewel of A Cold Open is, without a doubt, “Dressed In White”. This is the song meant for the insanely pretentious fools who don’t want to admit they enjoy a group like Saving Abel or Hinder. Granted, they are horrible, but the catchiness is hard to avoid. But just for you, The Other 49 has thrown in a bit of raw talent to their mix to make even the silliest of hardcore hipsters feel at ease.

Phoenix, Arizona has been building a massive rapport with the indie music scene over the last few years. Their desert streets are combing with pure and unabashed talent. Some have broke out, some haven’t. But regardless of the “break out” factor, there still remains the fact that something swaying off the coyote’s back down there is making waves big enough for the entire country to see. And The Other 49 is right there, and should rightfully be placed toward the top of the list as one of the Southwest’s premiere alternative rock groups playing today.

Above photo by Joel Ekdahl.

Download: “Under The Lights” by The Other 49
[audio:100210-other-49-under-the-lights.mp3|titles=Under The Pines|artists=The Other 49]

The Other 49: A Cold Open

[CDEP, 2010]

1. Crooks Or Cowards Pt. 1
2. Under The Lights
3. Aeris
4. Empire Dissolving
5. The Pledge
6. Dressed In White
7. Crooks Or Cowards Pt. 2

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