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The Brunettes: Red Rollerskates [mp3]


Artists like Archetecture in Helsinki, Mates of State and The Brunettes have always walked a thin line between amazing melodies and silly songs. It’s true. With sweet twee-worthy tunes and borderline wince-inducing lyrics, a new album could easily dissuade a listener if not crafted properly.

You saw that with that quite sad remix album AiH gave us a few years back.

Well, The Brunettes return with their first album on Lil’ Chief Records and with songs like “Red Rollerskates”, it’s clear that this over-the-top upbeat duo is again walking that tightrope.

Thankfully, The Brunettes aren’t amateurs when it comes to such things, nor are they afraid of heights metaphorically speaking. “Red Rollerskates” proves that this band can craft a damn good song, one that is as equally electro-pop as it is twee.

What makes a song like this cool is that The Brunettes aren’t trying to be cool. They’re just having fun, and that’s the distinction between success and failure in this sub-genre. There’s no question as to which side The Brunettes are on: success without a doubt.

Paper Dolls by The Brunettes comes out tomorrow in all its moog pop meets drum machine glory.

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