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Fredrik: Trilogi [Album Review]


The duo of Lindefelt and Fredrik have come a long way since their early work together under their indie pop guise of The Lovekevins. With two entirely too brief EPs, the band transformed into The LK again with Lindefelt at the helm. This was the duo’s first foray into noise-pop, and the single Private Life Of A Cat was our introduction to their new sound. That in itself would lead directly into the band’s first LP, Vs. The Snow. Up to, and including, that album, the band had begun to formulate something very special in the partnership between the two musicians, and it was fully realized when the other stepped into the limelight in their new project, simply dubbed Fredrik.

Surprisingly, this was not a solo-project as the name seemed to convey. It was instead a group comprising of even more individuals than found in The LK. Na Na Ni went on to become my #1 album of 2008, which was absolutely no surprise at all given the power behind songs like “Black Fur”, “1986” and “Evil And I”. Fredrik now returns with Trilogi, an album that continues the band down the path of noise-pop… full of experimentation, eerie storm’s a brewin’ sounds, and world-wide influences from Japan to their home country of Sweden, and on around the globe.

Fredrik is known for complementing cohesive tracks full of infectious vocals by placing between them hypnotic instrumentals. They did it in Na Na Ni and they do it again on Trilogi. Opening strong with the catchy “Vinterbarn” and melodic “Milo”, the band then launches into the mostly instrumental (first half, at least) “Holm”. This continues with “Den Sista Fabriken” and “Vanmyren” before Fredrik once again gives us one of those indisputably catchy tracks with “Ava”. Toward the end, the band capitalizes on the sound put forth in the opening track, this time with “Mujina/Locked In The Basement”.

What makes a band like Fredrik so amazing is their ability to create something that has hints of an underlying darkness to it, yet is so beautiful it’s tear-worthy. These are sounds that last, songs that last. Dare I say they did it again? Well, it’s too early to tell; but damn if they don’t put heat on that #1 spot for 2010 as early as January. Don’t be surprised if Trilogi enters the top 10 of ’10. Equally, don’t be surprised if it makes it high on that list.

About the release, from the Fredrik website:

The second proper album release, Trilogi is actually a compilation of the rare 3″ EP releases Holm, Ava and Ner. Released on CD by The Kora Records January 26th 2010 and on double-vinyl by the swedish Biograf label. Both versions come on charcoal cardboard with corbeau greens and matte silver highlights. The vinyl release also features a DRM-free digital download of the album as well as the exclusive, hidden EP Post.

Fredrik: Mujina/Locked In The Basement [mp3]
[audio:100201-fredrik-mujina_locked_in_the_basement.mp3|titles=Mujina/Locked In The Basement|artists=Fredrik]


The Kora Records [CD, 2010]

1. Vinterbarn
2. Milo
3. Holm
4. Den Sista Fabriken
5. Vanmyren
6. Ava
7. Flax
8. Under Vattenverket
9. Ner
10. Trestusen Violer
11. Viskra
12. Mujina/Locked In The Basement
13. Omberg

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  1. Good shout on that review: this is a stunning, surprising and beautiful album with few, if any, equals for its ethereal audio-dreamscapes at the moment.

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