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The Good The Bad: 001 (The Bad) [Video]


Everyone should enjoy a nice surf sound. It’s rigid, blaring, and insanely bad-ass. And The Good The Bad are definitely leaders of the new school surf agenda. A great part about watching a band like this is the shock and amazement of how much cooler they are than you. It’s like watching The Big Lewbowski in a three piece suit. These Copenhagen rockers emulate everything that is awesome about being proficient on drum kits and kickin’ electric guitars.

The video for their lead off single, “001 (The Bad)” is a brilliant visual representation of up their upcoming EP, From 001 to 004. It has a recognizable darkness from “Bohemian Rhapsody”, as well as the lighthearted yet in-your-face display of affection found in a Tarantino film. The subtle but demanding “dueling persona’s” theory explodes alongside epilepsy-inducing visuals. Again, it’s just too cool to go unnoticed.

The Good The Bad: 019 [mp3]
[audio:100115-the-good-the-bad-019.mp3|titles=019|artists=The Good The Bad]

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