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Death Cab For Cutie: Sub Pop Singles Club [Cover Art]

Death Cab For Cutie Sub Pop Singles Club

This is, undoubtedly, the most metal side of Death Cab For Cutie you will ever see. Released around the turn of the century puts this unique 7-inch closer to the group’s beginning than today, and was pre-dated (in Barsuk standards) only by Something About Airplanes, though the single was released in March 2000 to coincide with the release of We Have The Facts And We’re Voting Yes.

Death Cab For Cutie Sub Pop Illustration

The long hair and grungy metal look is almost appropriate for the series this single appears in — Death Cab is much mellower than your typical Sub Pop Singles Club artist. The Sub Pop Singles Club has long been a mainstay for fans of some of the greatest up-and-coming acts in the independent scene (In other words, you’ll definitely be seeing more from the Singles Club on Cover Art, from its early days in the 90s to the third installment championing Sub Pop’s 20th anniversary).

Here, the group delivers two well-known tracks from their early days: “Underwater” and “Army Corps Of Architects.” The B-Side, “Army Corps Of Architects,” was originally released on You Can Play These Songs With Chords, released via Elsinor Records as a cassette in 1997.

Death Cab For Cutie Sub Pop Insert

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