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Xiu Xiu Vs. Bunkbed [Cover Art]

Xiu Xiu vs Bunkbed

Long a favorite, this split single wasn’t released until after Bunkbed‘s Keith Krate had passed away. Adequately titled Xiu Xiu vs. Bunkbed, the 7-inch features two songs, one which finds Xiu Xiu covering Bunkbed, and vice versa.

“Fallen Angel II” by Bunkbed

“Fallen Angel II” is a Xiu Xiu original re-crafted by Bunkbed; it is one of the most moving and touching melodies one can have the honor of hearing.

The sleeve is cropped short, displaying the clear-green vinyl that otherwise would have been hidden. Everything is perfect–the color, the texture of the paper, the pristine vinyl. It is no surprise this Turn Records 7″ single is long out of print.

“Fake Soul” by Xiu Xiu

It has taken a long time for me to be able to appreciate Xiu Xiu’s rendition of “Fake Soul”, but that day has arrived. A hard pill to swallow on frequent occasions, the tune is among their less abrasive and more accessible, even so far as covers go:

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