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The Scruffs: Conquest [Album Review]


Like a time-warped whirlwind, the sometimes southern, sometimes Swedish, but always rockin’ band known simply as The Scruffs breaks through again, or for the first time. With the release of Conquest, this band of old-school rockabilly masters have truly conquered (all pun intended) the art of reinvention. Their songs have the ability to create massive nostalgia for middle-aged cats from the glory days, while still intriguing the ever-searching-for-nostalgia troubadours of the new times.

A song doesn’t get much catchier or more appealing than Conquest‘s “Days of Silver and Gold”. It has the energy of a Billy Joel happy dance, but its Cult like lyrics that are mellowed down by the occasional “Aah Aah Aah” that’ll bring those spirits back up. The Scruffs bask in the glory days with multi-instrument touting tracks like “Savage Teen” or “Land of Trance”. And you can’t deny the almost awkward Costello-like song about the deviant torture of change, “iPod Girl”.

A splendid old school band like The Scruffs would come off as a leaning tower of cheese and corniness if it were to be reinterpreted by the youth of today. But, when it’s in your nature, blood, and experience, it is noticeable. And thankfully, with some original members in tow, the massive heartache of reinvention was not only surpassed, but it remained as pure as a Nun’s heart. Conquest is than just another great Scruffs disc, it’s as timeless as anything you’ll hear these days.

The Scruffs: Treasure Girls [mp3]
[audio:100111-scruffs-treasure_girls.mp3|titles=Treasure Girls|artists=The Scruffs]

Doorway in temple ruin

[CD, 2010]

1. Conquer Me
2. Curse Of The Mau Mau
3. iPod Girl
4. The Radio Song
5. Demon Mine
6. One More You
7. Treasure Girls
8. Days Of Silver And Gold
9. All The Pharaohs
10. Savage Teen
11. Bad Memories
12. Land Of Trance

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