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The Album Leaf: Falling From The Sun [mp3]


It’s been a few years since we last heard from The Album Leaf, but they’re back. “Falling From The Sun” renews the band’s focus on vocals. Looking back at In A Safe Place and Into The Blue Again, those albums emphasized The Album Leaf’s ability to create a dreamy, atmospheric tune. “Falling From The Sky” lapses into those areas, but the true emphasis is on lyrics and vocals, and that in itself is a substantial change.

“Falling From The Sky” is among the best from past albums by The Album Leaf. It goes well with songs like “On Your Way” and “Always For You”. This is good news; The Album Leaf has definitely not lost their mastery of great song-craft. It will be interesting to hear if the rest of A Chorus Of Storytellers, from which this song will be released in February, follows suit. The album title sure suggests it.

The Album Leaf: Falling From The Sun [mp3]
[audio:091228-album_leaf-falling_from_the_sun.mp3|titles=Falling From The Sun|artists=The Album Leaf]


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