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The Lovely Sparrows: Take Care [Video]


Originally recorded in 1974 by Big Star, Alex Chilton’s “Take Care” wasn’t released until 1978 on their Third/Sister Lovers LP. In 2003, Yo La Tengo included a rendition of track on their album Summer Sun.

Then, in 2009, The Lovely Sparrows laid down their version of Yo La Tengo’s version while recording demos for their upcoming sophomore release. A video was made.

Writes The Lovely Sparrows’ front-man Shawn Jones about how the video came to be:

I recorded this song (Take Care) quickly in down time between recording sparrows songs for the new album, just for fun-to blow off steam. I’ve only listened to this song maybe 5 times ever. Perhaps (probably) not even that many. The Big Star version only once I believe. I accidentally put it on the demos disc that I burned for Eric Power to work on ideas for the forthcoming video (for the forthcoming album-get it?). He called and asked if he could make a video for it. How could I say no?

This beautiful mixed media video hits all the right notes.

The song is melancholy and borderline depressing, and the imagery that appears on the screen compliments that tone almost perfectly. It’s a peek into an alternate universe of one-eyed clay creatures.

Despite having very little in common with the human race, Power conveys their longing and misery seemingly without effort.

“Take Care” may unintentionally be one of the year’s most unique and rewarding music videos. See for yourself below.

Above photo by Fense

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