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Fredrik: Vinterbarn [Video]

Fredrik (band)

Trilogy, the upcoming sophomore release by Sweden’s Fredrik, has quickly become my most anticipated releases of 2010. A few months back we were graced with the excellent track “Locked In A Basement” and now they’ve given us the first video off the forthcoming album, “Vinterbarn”.

“Vinterbarn” follows the path of Fredrik’s videos from their debut LP, Na Na Ni, which was my #1 album of 2008. Primarily featuring a stop-motion style of videography, Fredrik splits apart and reconnects snippets of video for an interesting, almost eerie effect.

In my opinion, Fredrik’s music fits two classifications: dream pop and experimental pop. Their use of nontraditional instruments covers the latter while the sheer pleasant nature of every song they create warrants the former.

Fredrik (band)

Listening to Fredrik’s dark pop, it should be easy to hear why I believe this is one of the most promising acts around.

As with Na Na Ni, you’ll find Trilogi on the Kora Records.

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