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Christopher Öström: Audio Loading, Please Wait… [Album Review]


Christopher Öström is yet another great underground Swedish artist to find his way into the Series II Records family. Öström’s music leans toward the electronic side of folk pop and his romantic vocals find Audio Loading, Please Wait… joining the ranks of artists like Electric President. But Audio Loading is much more twee.

Opening track “A Different Kind Of Joy” begins softly, so its a bit surprising when the synths and electronics become dreamy while pleasant vocals carry the melody forward. Backed by this dreamy electro-pop, Audio Loading, Please Wait… continues to paint a picture of colorful landscapes and conjure images of romantic polariods taken at night.

Songs like “On Floats” and “Fireworks” and “Apocalypse Weather” are perfect to fall in love with while falling asleep near the fire while bundled up in your favorite blanket. These are winter songs, channeling the perfect pop for a snowy Sunday. You don’t want to go outside, just put on a Snuggie and play some old records while basking in the joy of being lazy.

Christopher Öström: On Floats [mp3]
[audio:091207-christopher_ostrom-on_floats.mp3|titles=On Floats|artists=Christopher Öström]

Christopher Öström: Apocalypse Weather [mp3]
[audio:091207-christopher_ostrom-apocalypse_weather.mp3|titles=Apocalypse Weather|artists=Christopher Öström]


Series II Records [CD, 2009]

1. A Different Kind Of Joy
2. Long Gone
3. Calming, Crushing
4. Sandcastle
5. On Floats
6. Through Space And Time
7. Fireworks
8. Apocalypse Weather
9. Sometimes People Act Strangely
10. Sighs Of Fatigue
11. Strangedays
12. Wishwosh
13. End Of Something

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